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Event on a Health rule widget


I have a health rule widget on a dashboard which turns red when the health rule associated with this widget is violated. Once it turns red I would like to display the event So that users are known why the health rule is in red.

Is this possible and how? Please advise


AppDynamics Team

we wont be able to display Health Rule status and event details on same widget in a dashboard, but we can add one more widget with events list which will show the events list when the health rule is violated.HR_Events_dashboard.png

Attached is a dashboard that displays health rule widget for many applications .

The bubble turns red when a health rule is violated. We are trying to display the actual event that caused the violation to the end user.

Do you have any recommendations on how we can structure this dashboard and how we can achieve this.

I was hoping having a one event list for every application is not the solution as it consumes too much space on dashboard.

Rather than cluttering a top-level dashboard with too many widgets (e.g. one event list for every application), a best practice is to define multiple levels of dashboards showing incrementally more detail.

e.g. Summary Dashboard drills down to a Detail Dashboard drills down to a Diagnostic Dashboard


To implement this approach for your scenario, you would define the Health Rule widget in your top level dashboard and configure the "Double Click Action" for that widget to drill down to the Detail Dashboard that includes the Application Event List.



Brian Wheeldon



Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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