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Business transactions total number of calls sum discrepancy

I am using the sum of Calls/min metric for a business transaction to show in a dashboard.

But for some specific time windows, I get incorrect data.


Last 4 hours - 1191

Last 6 hours - 1038


Can someone explain how last 6 hours sum can be greater than last 4 hours sum? Or is this a bug?

Is the sum of calls per min not the right way to use?


App agent version:

Machine agent version:

Using a SaaS controller


New Member

The calls/min shows average data

So what is the way to get total number of transactions?

The business transactions page does show the total calls. I want it to show in a dashboard.

You should be able to add a Widget to a dashboard with a metric expression.


When you're in edit mode on a Dashboard, go to Add Widget > Metric Data > Metric Value > Metric to Display "Select a Metric" > Overall Application Performance or Business Transaction Performance


Then either select a Single Metric expression of "Calls per minute" or create your own Metric Expression to display.

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Hello ,

I have exactly the same issue using the widget and the transactions . e.g exactly what the solutions describe but i still see sum of Calls/min  descreasing


12 hours : 25

6 hours : 34

I even try to put absolute time instead of relative but got the same result.


It looks that when there no data it is count as -1 ... 

Do you have something else to try ?


Thanks ,