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Rest Api CallPerMin and Name

Hello ,

I have 2 questions about Appdynamics.
1. I want to get the following definitions with api and then open an automatic ticket for servicenow application. But I can't get the result I want with api. How can I get the definitions here? If there are sample documents, can you share them?


"Name" and CallPerMin "that appear in the picture, these definitions are required with a special date range. When I look at Chrome F12, these are the parameters that respond when the corresponding url is called.







I want to automatically create a request for servicenow based on monthly response times.

2. I test with the postman I get a continuous 500 or 401 error. I searched on the internet but I didn't get much results.



Community Manager

Hi @Haluk Yaşar.Erol,


Thanks for posting your question on the community. We have a Knowledgebase article that covers quite a bit about how AppD works with ServiceNow, which you can view here:


If there are things that are unclear, join the discussion that is happening in that article.


If you learn anything from that article, please do share that knowledge back on this post, this helps drive this community forward by providing solutions for other community members.




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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