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How to get the Health Rule name in the email templates using template variables?



I would like to use the Email Template for the policies triggered. I want to display the Health Rule name in the email body using template variables. I have read this doc but there is no class or base class for Health Rule.


Also, I would like to use the background-color property of HTML in the Email template but it seems like Appdynamics is not recognizing the attribute.


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance



Here's what I found in works in my environment in my email template:

Health Rule Name:  ${}.

Hi these variables will work. it is also necessary to use html code for coloring.


Subject : [ ${latestEvent.severity}] -${}

Application Name : ${}
Tier Name : ${}
NodeName : ${}
Event : ${latestEvent.displayName}
Event Time : ${action.triggerTime}
Event Url : ${latestEvent.deepLink}
Event Message : ${latestEvent.eventMessage}mailxx.JPG

Does anyone have a common template which is standard and will work for any health rule?




I use this template in all of them. I created  One template for all alerts. However, I think it is necessary to create a separate eum related alerts. Some values ​​do not come.

Thanks Yasar.


But when the alert gets closed this wont work I guess?



Hi , It will not e-mail when the warning is turned off. For example, I watch 35 applications, I check the status of .net agent and machine agents in all of them. If 1 agent falls to 0, it sends an email about the alarm. If I turn off the alarm, it will not send it. What exactly do you want at this point?


I will try to help if you give details

So when the agent falls to 0 it will send an email alert saying the agent is down and when the agent is up and running fine will this template send an email that the agent is working fine?



Sure it sends.

Criteria are important when creating the alarm.

It is important to send the representative if it is working or to send it if the representative is not.

I do not use active states in my alarms. When it is at critical or alert level, the alarm sends an e-mail. If it continues, it throws, but I don't select send when the problem is resolved.

OK Thanks for your help