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Data volume in AppDynamics



Is there any way we could find the daily average of volume of data(not from transaction summary standpoint but from the daily size standpoint).


Community Manager

Hi @Susmitha.Dharmaiahgari,


Not sure I fully understand your question. Can you please provide more specifics? 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi Ryan,

There should be limit on data capacity right?
In that way I want to know how much volume of data appd can hold in day(TB/GB) 

I have been looking into this and cannot find any reason why there would be a limit on the amount of data we allow. Any type of restriction is depicted in this article:

Hi @Susmitha.Dharmaiahgari ,

Good question - but there are different ways to tackle this OR atleast I do.

1. Keep an eye on License consumption
2. Keep a check on your disk-space either using APM tool itself OR if you  have any other OOTB infra monitoring setup available.
3. Keep a track of "Metrics ingested". This metric is available via Appd agent part of controller setup. (or even if you install normal java app agent, it will have those). This helps to keep a track of metrics getting ingested vs controller capacity.
You can find under:
Application Infrastructure Performance|<ControllerName>|Customer Metrics| Relay|Metrics Published|MySql:default
There is no benchmark i believe but it highly depends upon your controller infra footprints.
4. Access Limit status in your admin console at (use root pwd): 


 Hope this helps.