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AppDynamics API Exclude Some Metrics

Dears, I am currently using AppDynamics API To Pull metrics data from AppDynamics for Application Infrastructure Performance: https://x.y.z/controller/rest/applications/My-App/metric-data?metric-path=Application Infrastructure Performance|*|Individua...

Automating Exception Data Exporting

I am looking for a way to automate the exporting of node exception data so that I can get it persisted into my Elastic stack for historical purposes as well as for telemetry data analysis?   I'm able to persist metric data that's easy through the Met...

Resolved! Setting up AppDynamics

Hello,   I want to set up AppDynamics for my department. I logged into AppDynamics but the set-up for integrating sample application (from your GitHub repo) is too complex and nested.   An application requires another application as a pre-requisite a...