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Returning the count of unique browser applications being monitored on the controller



I would like to create a metric that returns the amount of browser applications being monitored on the controller.

I have tried to do this using a distinct count of the app key, although my query is returning 1 instead of the amount of browser apps.

Here are the queries I have tried:
SELECT distinctcount(appkey) FROM browser_records
SELECT distinctcount(appkey) FROM web_session_records

If anyone knows of a way or can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.





Hi Jesse


As you noticed when you use the following query as a metric

SELECT distinctcount(appkey) FROM browser_records


It will give you a count of the number of apps that have received data in the last 5 minutes only, if there is no data in the last 5 minutes for any of the applications, it will not show and count those.


If any of the apps don't have any data it wont give you anything


What you can do to bypass this is to add a condition e.g where I put a condition that it counts all data that's less than the year 2040, or you can build a condition to just check what data timestamps is less than now()

SELECT distinctcount(appkey) FROM browser_records WHERE eventTimestamp < 2232636067000

This forces the query to check all data in the analytics cluster, not just the last 5 minutes


However, depending on how long you store your analytical data, e.g if you only store data for 2 weeks, and one of the applications does not have any reported data in analytics, that app will not be counted as there is no data for it.


Hope I am making sense

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Hi Mario

You are making sense and have been very helpful. I like the method you've shown of using the timestamp condtion to check all the data.

Thanks for the help,