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How to link a map a SAM metric extracted via API to its configured service name?

Retrieving SAM data from the event server via RETS API, I get records like this:
<metricName>Hardware Resources|Service Availability|59|Success Rate (%)</metricName>\n
<metricPath>Application Infrastructure Performance|Root|Individual Nodes||Hardware Resources|Service Availability|59|Success Rate (%)</metricPath>\n
</metric-value>\n </metricValues>\n
</metric-data>\n <metric-data>\n

As you can see, the service monitored is identified by a number, here 59. Same thing in the metrics browser.
This attribute is called the config ID.


However, I cannot see how to map the number (59 in the above example) to the (service name, URL target, machine agent server) identifier.

I cannot find the (service name, URL target, machine agent server) triplet identifier of the SAM monitor anywhere in the metrics tree.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance





Hi Philippe


You can use the ID you get back and query the following that will provide the service name of the SAM


https://<controller fqdn>/controller/sim/v2/user/sam/targets/http/<id>



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