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EventTimestamp in Business Journeys




I'm pushing some data to AppDynamics using CURLs. I've noticed that when I don't explicitly send the eventTimestamp in the request, the business journey does not pick up the message. But I can found the message in the schema, and the eventTimestamp is equal, in these cases, to the pickupTimestamp.


Has anyone experienced this issue, or knows why this happens? 


Thank you,

Ricardo Saraiva


Community Manager

Hi @Ricardo.Saraiva,


I reached out to Docs team about this Doc and this is what I heard back.


In the case of Business Journeys, the evenTimestamp field should be present or Business Journeys will not work. If you plan on using Custom Events while defining Business Journey, the custom events should send eventTimestamp field. If they don't, only the Business Journeys will not work. 


Let me know if that helps.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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