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Business Transactions show up in Analytics, but originating tier does not.

I have a business journey that is giving me fits.

I have a business transaction that shows up in Analytics for regular searches, but the originating tier does not show up in the list of tiers to choose from in the Business Journey milestone section.

And since the tier is not available as a choice there, the business transaction cannot be selected.

I've tried to work around this every way I can think of, but nothing works.

The originating tier for the BT is an api gatway tier.  The service I need to gather the metric data from is downstream from the gateway.  So when I create a pojo bt to try to grab the data at the service level, it is masked by the upstream BT from the gatway.

Even when I disable the rule on the gateway in an attempt to let the downstream service pojo bt rule detect it, the transactions from the gateway go into the overflow container and are still masking.

Why is the originating tier not showing up in Business journeys?

Sad and depressed.


I am now working with AppD/Cisco support for this issue, and hope that together we can find a resolution.  I'll try to remember to post whatever they/we figure out.

Community Manager

Hi @Gregory.Burkhead,

Thanks for letting us know. If you share your ticket number with me here or via a PM I can also watch it and give you a reminder when it's closed to update the thread. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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