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Transaction analytics field of MIDC values are missing for instances of BTs


hi All

recently we created MIDC in our environment to track user journey trough our applications,
the midc is created for specific tier(40 nodes) which have around 150 BTs registered. and when we check the values in transaction analytics we observed that the data collector are dropping a lot of MIDC values for the same BT.

my questions here:

1- is appdynamics transaction analytics collect data for each instance of BT or select randomly based on the performance of BT instance

2- if there is a lot of missing data for specific data collector fields where to start troubleshooting to see the flow of the data from analytics agent and app-agent.

PS: that data dropped not only for MIDC but also for HTTP data collection i.e sessionID





Transaction analytics does not sample data gathered by MIDCs, but should collect a value for every invocation.


Things to check:

  1. Are you sure that the method your MIDC is placed on is called for absolutely every transaction invocation?
  2. Do you see any messages in the agent log indicating there may be problems collecting the data?

For troubleshooting beyond that, I would advise you to work with customer support via a help ticket.


Warm regards,


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thanks Peter for your response.

the thing is it's not only the MIDC. recently when i searching the transaction analytics i see a lot of missing data of particular fields that is invoked always "session ID" when check if there is data for specific transaction in the last one month i see half of the sessionid is 'null'.
when i check the log i didn't see any errors or indication that it have problems collecting data or anything.