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.net analysing transactions


Hey all,


In our network we have a datawarehouse which we're monitoring with a .net agent of Appdynamics however I'm getting more and more question from what Appdynamics sees. The datawarehous answers questions that our ESB asks through webservices. The thing is, I don't get to see any of the ESB webservice and I'm wondering why. Its incoming traffic that the datawarehouse processes. It is noted that I can see the URL of the WCF transactions that processes the ESB questions.


This is what Appdynamic shows as dashboard. No webservices anywhere?



Besides that I want to analyse the methods and/or classes that the datawarehouse processes however the discovery tool won't discover any .net methods. Am I missing something or does it need some configuration?


Version of .net agent is


I hope someone can get me some answers. Thanks in advance!


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



From the image, we can see an incoming call to your datawarehouse(which we assume is the IIS hosted application). As you mentioned that you are able to see the url of WCF service which is answering your ESB client applications, please update us some more information around this.

  1. What kind of application(JAVA, .Net etc) is this which makes call through web service, to dataware house?
  2. Do you host any of the web service at your datawarehouse process(IIS hosted applications), which you expect to serve ESB's question? We guess you have all WCF services only, hosted at the IIS.
  3. If application hosted at datawarehouse are of WCF type, then calls visible as WCF are being shown as expected. If this is not the case, please help us to understand the ties which hosts web service and please share the WSDL of that(this will help us to understand the url and method names).
  4. Regarding your question about the class and method name serving the ESB questions, you can enable find-entry-points property of associated tier and this will dump the call stack of the BT. You can see the class/method names from there. To enable the find entry points property please follow the steps mentioned below:
      1.  Go the the "Tiers & Nodes" and select the specific tier.
      2.  Right corner we can see the "Actions ", click on it.
      3.  Now you can find "Configure App Server Agent", click on it.
      4.  Select "Use Custom Configuration" .
      5.  Search find-entry-points property and set the value as True. After this save the configuration.




Hey Ashutosh,


Thanks for the reply!


1. This is a Java application. It'll send messages through soap or REST to the datawarehouse.  However we had some progres with it this week. We have two environments (test and production) and in the test the dashoard shows all communications correctly now. In production it doesn't. Now what has changed? We installed the 4.2.7 sun java agent instead of the IBM java agent in the TEST environment. Could this be the difference which why the Broker (JAVA ESB) isn't showing?

So below a picture of the same transaction in test and production.



About the points you brought in

2. I'll have to check this with the colleage of mine.

3. The WCF call's are indeed visible as expected

4. I was hoping that for instance the discovery tool would automatically find some stuff where I could filter on. I guess this isn't possible like discovering JAVA transactions? I'll look into the custom entry points ideas.


Couple of extra questions:

Do you have any idea what the difference is between a sun and ibm java agent?

Can we do some WCF transaction splitting based on the URL? So for example we have the URL answerquestion.svc/1/question and answerquestion.svc/2/question which both register under the transaction Answerquestion. From previous posts I've seen that this might not be easy? Do you have any idea if there is a way?






Anyone some tips or tricks?