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Managing Ignored Exceptions

Hello,   Ignored Expections are a bit hard to manage if one has a long list of exceptions to handle. There is no import or export function which it would be very usefull, sorting and enable/disable buttons will help as well. Are there any plans to im...

Monitor Microsoft AX2012

Hi,   I am new to Appdynamics. Jus have basic idea abou the APM agents. Can anyone please advsie if we can monitor Microsoft AS 2012? We are using version 4.3 and if we install the .Net agent inside the AOS server, will it be able to track the busine...

Hardware Resources

Hi,   I'm having an ongoing discussion with our hardware providers. We've been using the following metric to measure server performance accross a 6 node load balanced tier running a web application. The metric reaches 100% just before an application ...

Resolved! Object Instance Tracking (OIT)

Hello community.  I am new to AppDyn.  I'll try not to ask homework questions.  To understand AppDyn better I wrote a custom C# application with performance monitoring enabled.  In my AppDyn application I was able to add a custom class so I picked th...

abantly by Builder
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Monitoring a stand-alone C# .NET application

Greetings.  I have followed the instructions to edit config.xml and set up my standalone application.  I am unable to see any load or metrics however AppDynamics reports when the application ends or is terminated.  My app is set to consume 100% of on...

rsood by Wanderer
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trying to monitor a first app, a .NET app

Using the wizard to start the monitoring for the first time. It says agent connected, but stays stuck waiting for data...   In the logs I see this "info" message:   2017-10-03 22:29:04.0252 2416 AppDynamics.Coordinator 1 17 Info ProcessMonitor Proces...

lrhazi by Explorer
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