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Resolved! How Tiers and nodes are getting created

Hello All, I see flowmaps are getting loaded with tiers & nodes in dashboard when i open the application window. I've a doubt like how these things are getting created , If i instrument one IIS in a server , how its creating tiers/nodes in the map fo...

Resolved! Flowmap

Hello, We've instrumented an .net applicaiton some month back. When i checked the flowmap which got created automatically , im able to see the some other application also in the visual drawing ., is there any way to remove that application from the m...

How to Instrument Windows services

Hello, I've tried to instrument Windows services after reading documentation ., by adding below XML element into the config.xml in this path "(“%ProgramData%\AppDynamics\DotNetAgent\Config\config.xml”)"  *********** <windows-services>    <windows-ser...

dummy nodes are being created after restart..

Hi, PFA Screenshot, Dupicates jvm nodes are getting created. We only have 4 nodes. But when we restart our servers, dummy nodes are getting generated.  Can you tell me why it is getting created and what will be solution for this.     Regards Jitendra...

LDAP transactions not getting captured

My .Net Application is using LDAP S.DS.P and authenticating the user in Active directory.    I use SendRequest(searchrequest) in S.DS.P in my code. But i couldnt see any exit call to Active Directory from my .Net application. But i can see in ur supp...

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Business Transaction Requests

Hello,   I've instrumented .net application in App'd, I've got below critical business transactions configured  1.Enroll, 2.Reset, 3.Forgot password, 4.Unlock   I'm able to receive multiple BT calls, but i receive some dynamic user request in BT call...