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Business Transactions not showing up on the flow map


Greetings community,


In a .NET application that is being monitored I have created business transactions.  However nothing shows on the flow map


Here is the applications app.config with performance counters enabled. (I had to add an xml extension to post here)

Here is my config.xml for the .NET agent


Also 2 screen grabs showing the business transaction


The documentation is vague about business transactions so I am asking the community for help.  






Venu Babu.Thangallapelli
AppDynamics Team



Seems like you mentioned the class name as "App+Main" which is incorrect. You have to provide the "Namespace.Class Name". Also, it is not recommended to create the custom match rule on Main method, because this method will get invoke only one time in the application life time. So, please create the rules on a method which will get invoked much frequently (which executes the actual transactions like get users, get data from some service etc.,) i.e. more than 2 times in the application life time.