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Query regarding Async thread support

Hi Team, I have a .Net application that has N number of threads, I am using Appdynamics .Net Profiler for validating the threads measures by enabling the thread correlation. While observing the data in the controller, I have a doubt here that how the...

Profiling .net core application in linux

I am trying to profiler .NET Core application in linux environment. Here, I have installed and configured .NET core agent in my Centos. I given the environmental variable in service file as follows,   Environment=CORECLR_PROFILER={57e1aa68-2229-41aa-...

Kubernetes cluster agent installation

Dear all,   We are trying to install an AppDynamics agent in a Kubernetes cluster. We have deployed successfully appdynamics-operator, but when we deploy cluster-agent (according to manuals ) we get an error; error":"WATCH_NAMESPACE must be set","st...

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Managing a lot of WCF BTs

Trying to gather some information and advice here.I have an appserver that runs 60+ IIS application pools, which I have currently separated into two applications (App1 and App2).With the .NET autodiscovery rule it detects 60+ WCF Business Transaction...