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Kubernetes cluster agent installation

Dear all,   We are trying to install an AppDynamics agent in a Kubernetes cluster. We have deployed successfully appdynamics-operator, but when we deploy cluster-agent (according to manuals ) we get an error; error":"WATCH_NAMESPACE must be set","st...

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Managing a lot of WCF BTs

Trying to gather some information and advice here.I have an appserver that runs 60+ IIS application pools, which I have currently separated into two applications (App1 and App2).With the .NET autodiscovery rule it detects 60+ WCF Business Transaction...

Support for Kafka in .NET agents

Dear AppD Team, I have a few services written in .NET Core running on Linux containers. I'm using the latest .NET agent for Linux. Among these services are a Kafka producer and a Kafka consumer. We are finding that AppD does not see the Kafka traffic...

Resolved! Embedded .NET machine agent doesn't report

A page about the .NET agent says:"The AppDynamics .NET Agent includes an embedded .NET Machine Agent that runs as part of the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service. Among other things, the Machine Agent regularly gathers system performance data and r...

.NET CORE 5 not being instrumented

We have several .net core applications running inside linux containers. Previously we were using .net core 3.1 with agent 20.9.0 without any problems. The agents were online and instrumented our applications. We recently upgraded to .net core 5.0.8 a...