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Profiling .net core application in linux

New Poster

I am trying to profiler .NET Core application in linux environment.

Here, I have installed and configured .NET core agent in my Centos.

I given the environmental variable in service file as follows,


Environment=CORECLR_PROFILER={57e1aa68-2229-41aa-9931-a6e93bbc64d8} \


Then restarted the app service and apache server.


To check appdynamics profiler installation  by running the following command,

lsof -p 2268 | grep -i appd
dotnet 2268 root mem REG 253,0 6443304 69595618 /opt/appdynamics/dotnet/
dotnet 2268 root mem REG 253,0 6776 69595628 /opt/appdynamics/dotnet/


<2268> is my dotnet process id and confirmed profiler loaded successfully.

My question is...


We have given only one profiler path which is, then How this file "libappdprofiler_glibc" is loading?  What is the use of this file?


Thanks in advance.



Community Manager

Hi, @Rohit.sharma 


I found this information. Please let me know if it helps.


Regarding the "" and "" libraries, all platforms use the "" as the profiler which deploys "" if the platform is Alpine and "" for all other Linux platforms. The pseudo profiler in the 21.5+ version detects the platform and then uses the correct profiler to deploy using either "" or "".

While in the version before 21.5, the "" was the actual profiler and there were 2 different agents for Alpine and other Linux platforms.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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