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Azure .NET App Service Troubleshooting

I did a fresh install of the Azure Site Extension AppDynamics.WindowsAzure.SiteExtension.4.5.Release.4.5.7.nupkg .   I followed the instructions here:  ...


.net Agent Reporting post IIS restart

Hi, We are facing issues with the .net agent reporting after IIS restarts. There are 2 applications in the same set of 4 load balanced servers. After the IIS restarts we see only one of the 2 applications are reported by agents.  Regards, Pavan Kuma...


garbage collection in a .Net environment

We use IIS in a .net environment. There is a lot of discussion about garbage collection stats and JVM on the support site. Where can I see garbage collection stats for each of our web api servers in a .net environment?   Tim