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Lamda Expression in .NET Getter Chain

Is it possible to use a lamda expression in a .NET getter chain for a data collector? I have a List of objects that I would like to call Find on and pass a lamda to get the one I need.   Basically I want to call this: Actions.Find(x => x.ActionType =...

Resolved! WCF calls in monitoring

Hello,   How can I get wcf calls monitored by monitoring? Problem is that all wcf calls are displayed under two or three call like RESTService.JsonRequest(), but there is lot of calls with different url. Wcf autodiscovery maps them all under ...

Skew Check is Disabled Error

Hi all, We have a .NET agent on one of our application server but it is not working now. We started to get the error like below. There is no problem with the agent coordinator service and reaching the controller via telnet. What do you think about th...

Resolved! Monitoring IIS application pool

Hi,   I am trying to add monitoring for all the IIS application pool. I want to get alerted when the pool is stopped/down.   What would be the ideal way of doing it?   I tried using the app agent availability check which is not always giving the righ...

Azure .NET App Service Troubleshooting

I did a fresh install of the Azure Site Extension AppDynamics.WindowsAzure.SiteExtension.4.5.Release.4.5.7.nupkg .   I followed the instructions here:  ...