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Agent disabling itself

New Member

I have a .Net agent installed to monitor a standalone exe. When starting the agent, I am getting the below error:


2018-10-26 20:14:34.292049<info>:Should instrument process: ABC.exe
2018-10-26 20:14:34.304049<error>:Unable to load profiler configuration. Agent will disable itself.


I have already restarted the machine. Please help out with this.


AppDynamics Team

Hi Priyank,


  • Have you restarted the Agent Coordinator service and then standalone application service in a sequence after configuring the standalone app in configuration filel? 
  • Do you see the coordinator service process and application service process entry in the agent log file ?
  • Please provide read and write permissions to account under which the executable is running at DotNetAgent folder ( Logs  directory ) and <AppDynamics_Agent_InstallationDirectory>\AppDynamics folder and then restart both Agent Coordinator and the application service. After that apply the load on the application and then check teh behaviour.

Let us know if it helps or you have any question.




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Hi, I have the same problem, did you find a solution? My exe runs a scheduled task with a parameter and I don't have it as a service.