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Why are business transactions not getting registered using POCO custom match rules


Hello all,


I have one business transaction registered as Web services ("entry point type") and using .Net application. In that BT I am trying to configure one more "POCO custom BT match rule" based on a specific class and method. I am doing it from the call graph in the BT Snapshot. But the newly configured BT is not getting registered and not reflecting separately under Business Transaction Tab in the controller. Though I have set up a higher priority. It is showing as a "Custom entry point" in the call graph but not reflecting in the BT tab.


Please help me out, how can I achieve this. I have tried configuring SEP as well for that specific class and method but no luck.


N.B: I am using an on-prem controller and I am not recycling the app pools after this configuration.






I have found similar issue as below which was helpful for this case.


Thanks !