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Split .Net Business Transaction on Method Array Parameters


Given the program below that accepts arguments from the command-line via the string[] args parameter, how do I setup a business transaction that will split based on the first value, args[0]?


I have it set to use Parameter index 0 and a Getter chain value of .[0] right now, which doesn't seem to work.  For the Getter chain I have also tried string/0 and int/0 an those do not seem to work either.


The Using Getter Chains documentation is not very clear about this and does not provide clear example of accessing a value in a parameter that is an array.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

public class Program
  public static void Main(string[] args)
      case "A":
      case "B":

  private static void DoA(){}

  private static void DoB(){}




AppDynamics Team

Hi Andrew,


As the below share code is for the standalone application, where main method will only call one time. So, to detect the transactions for instrumented application below are min requirement- 

  1. Instrumented application process should be up for more than one min, so .Net agent will collect and send the metrics in next mins.
  2. Business transaction ( class/methods) on which you are creating BT, that should execute more than 2 times in its lifetime

Now, if we see the example. Parameters are passed on Main method, based on that your switch case will execute and required methods will execute.

So, we would suggest creating POCO BT on  DoA and DoB methods individually.


Let us know if it does not help. In case you have any question, could you please share some more details of the requirement and on which kind of application and transaction type you are creating the BT.




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That does answer my question.  I had hoped to use the BT on the Main method as a fallback for unconfigured specific BTs for a .Net console application that acts as a job/process runner.  It would be nice for this scenario to work, though as it would save a lot of time configuring BTs and allow instrumenting the entire process as there is a bunch of setup code that runs before each job/process that is not currently captured because we have to configure the BT for something farther down the call chain.