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Metric Registration Limit Reached and nodes Stopped Reporting to the controller


Hello Everyone,


We have a .Net application where it has almost 115 nodes that are configured from the same agent but with a different categorization of tiers based on service wise. But still, many IIS applications exist in this server and we have configured AppD for almost all the IIS applications. For last couple of weeks we can observe that most of the nodes App agent status in the "Tiers & Nodes " Section stopped Reporting(Down arrow mark) and one node alone is being Reported to the controller and App agent staus in the "Tiers & Nodes " for this node alone is "up"(Up arrow mark). Point is within the same Server containing the same agent, only one node is getting Reported whereas others are Not Reporting.


Also, I am able to See the "Agent metric Registration limit of 200 Reached" in the Events Section. Attached the screenshot of it below. (Please Confirm Does it says App agent metrics or Machine agent metrics ?) I presume it says about app agent metrics as machine agent seems up and running.


One more thing is that in the agent log I am able to see below the message as

"node disable-agent property got changed to True". Attached screenshot for the same too below.


Please suggest to me what is making most of the nodes stop being reported? Will Increasing app agent metrics from 200 to 5000(Max limit) will help me to overcome this issue?Agent_metric_Reg_Reached.PNGnode_property_disabled.png




unsure where you picked up the 200 from.

- 200 is the dafault max number of BT's per application which can be changed on on prem-controllers or standalone SaaS controllers. (This has no relation with the issue in your hand)


- Looks like you hit the max number of app agent metrics an agent can register with the controller. By dafault this number is throttled at 5000. 
The number 500 is choosen with the performance in mind, you can increase this number at your agent config level, their should be some documentation around this on appdynamics docs page. But the actual question you need to answer why do you need to track so many metrics from one machine, as going above that number means more overhead on the application server which is not nice for a production machine.

Hi Madan,


Thanks For your Reply. The issue got fixed.


Actually someone had set the node property disable-agent at Application level to True and that's why it forced the agents to not collect any metrics.
So I clicked on any tier and than clicked on Configure App agent and than in tree structure clicked on Application Name and than select the .Net configuration Tab.
Search for disable-agent node property  and changed its value back to false and click on Apply to All nodes.


The Other issue was not BT Limit. It was machine agent metric Limit that i was getting from Events Section.It is related to .Net machine agent , it registers a maximum of 200 metrics.


So Issue was not because of metric Limit Breach and it was because of Auto disable-agent as i mentioned over the Top.



I have the same problem, an application is deactivating the AppAgents and I keep receiving the information that reached the 200 metric limit of the Machine (Metric registration limit of 200 reached).


Is this because the server has more than 200 appPolls?


What to do to work around / resolve this?



Almir Rossato

Hi Madan,

- 200 is the dafault max number of BT's per application which can be changed on on prem-controllers or standalone SaaS controllers. (This has no relation with the issue in your hand)

I have an .Net application and an On-Pre controller...where exactlay I change make this change, so the BT count can be increased to 300 ?

Community Manager

Hi @Rathinakararaj.Sundaraj,

Please see this Community post:



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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