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NET (Agent, Installation)

LDAP transactions not getting captured


LDAP transactions not getting captured

My .Net Application is using LDAP S.DS.P and authenticating the user in Active directory. 


I use SendRequest(searchrequest) in S.DS.P in my code. But i couldnt see any exit call to Active Directory from my .Net application. But i can see in ur supported environments as "Directory Services including LDAP".


Should i do any extra configuration for getting LDAP calls?








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LDAP transactions not getting captured
Venu Babu.Thangallapelli
AppDynamics Team

Hi Rahul,


The .Net Agent will identify the exit calls on following methods "CommitChanges" and "RefreshCache" of the "System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry" class and on "FindAll" of "System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher" class. If your application is not using the above class and methods then you would need to create the custom back end rules to identify the exits for them. Please refer to the following document link to create the exit point rules