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Is the current .NET machine agent compatible with the new .Net core agents?




If we have the .NET machine agent installed on our server is this compatible with the new .Net core microservices agents that will be installed on the applications or will a new .NET core machine agent need to be installed on the server also? 


AppDynamics Team

Hi Pauric,


As per the logic and implementation, .Net Core microservices agents are the App Agent only and it does not provide the machine-related metrics to the controller for that application node also there is no separate .NET Core machine agent available.

To report the machine related data metrics to the controller for that specific host machine, you can install the standalone java machine agent separately to report the machine level data metrics. So,  It will consume only 1 machine agent license extra.


During the recent observation on the windows machine, with the latest available version ( for ex. 4.5.18 ) of .NET Core microservice agent instrumentation in case you have also the latest .NET .msi based Agent installed on the same host machine,  we notice that .NET msi based machine agent reports the machine level metrics on the application node as well. Could you please try in any lower or testing environment to check this behavior.


Let us know if it helps or you have any further questions.




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