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How to have multiple custom rule for a .NET POCO




I have a POCO class(say for ex, ClassA), which calls various private methods based on the payload type.

I need to capture the business transction for each of the these payloads.

If I create a custom rule for ClassA, I don't get the transactions for the rest of the methods.

Tried giving lower priority to custom rule for ClassA, and higher priority to custom rules for private methods.


I dont see any of the business transactions returned.

Any suggestions?




I had excluded the Auto discovered Endpoint and created POCO rules for the child BT with higher priority. Custom Match Rule for parent BT with lower priority.

This did not work.



Here are the steps I did:

1. Verify that custom BT has a higher priority than the auto-discovery rule. (custom-BT-With-Higher-Priority.png)


2. Verify that auto-discovery is enabled for (auto-detect-on.png)


3. run test that uses the custom BT. This did not show up in the business transcation list. (Bt-With-auto-detect-on.png)


4. Turn off auto-detect for requests Disable-auto-discovery.png)


5. run the same test again that uses the custom BT.


6. Notice that it now shows up... (Custom-Bt-After-Disable.png)



Now the question is why does it show up only after I have disabled auto-detect? I have verified that no other BT in that list uses this chain. And based on AppD documentation, it should show up regardless. 


Let me know if you need anything else. We should look more into this to understand the root cause of the problem.