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Custom dashboard for database query monitoring of multiple applications in Appdynamics


Can we create custom dashboard for monitoring top 10 queries for multiple applications in AppDynamics?

To have a visibility of the top 10 queries, my monitoring team has to every time go to the queries section of the database. It would be of great help if we could have a single dashboard where we will have the visibility of the same for all of our monitored applications.


AppDynamics Team

Hello Rakshit,

Unfortunately, as of now we do not have any metrics for event data like queries, sessions and other views.
Dashboards can only be created for metric data.
We have an already raised enhancement request (CORE-77615) to address this, but it is still PMs queue so we are not sure regarding the timeline.
In the meantime, can you try to use the "IFrame" widget of the custom dashboard and mention the URL of the DBMon queries to view the query details? Please let us know if it helps. You can create multiple iframe widget for multiple applications in one dashboard

Hi Aditi,

I have already tried using the "iframe" in dashboard but, as we have around 8 to 10 applications DB's to monitor dashboard takes lots of time to load them.
Please do let us know if we can fetch any data from Controller DB, publish them as metrics and use them in our dashboards.

Hello Rakshit,

No, it is not possible to publish data by fetching from controller DB.