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Data Variable To be Injested in Metric



Curious has anyone tried using Data Variable within a particular metric?

We intend to populate metric based on the value of a specific tier - This Tier will be captured from Data Variable.

Metric which we intend to use:

Application Infrastructure Performance|cpak-urx-service - sit|JVM|Process CPU Burnt (ms/min)

Tried approach below - replacing tier name with Data Variable but got an error "Invalid Metric" 

Application Infrastructure Performance|${Service_Name}|JVM|Process CPU Burnt (ms/min)


AppDynamics Team

HI @Chavya.Khanna , If you intend to create metrics under the category of "Application Infrastructure Performance," it is necessary to use the "tier name" rather than a custom data variable. Your specific requirement is better suited for Custom Metrics. We offer a feature that allows you to create Custom Metrics, enabling you to expose your data points and create a Metrics path according to your specific needs.
Here are the docs link:


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