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Docker, .NET Core 2.2.& AppDynamics

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I have followed the instructions here:


running locally with Docker Toolbox.   


But i dont get any data sent to the controller, and the node/tier does not appear on my dashboard.


When i open the Tier/Nodes screen, i have to change the filter to include nodes "Without reporting data" and i actually see it, but the app agent status is 0% and there are no transactions being automatically picked up.


All I really want is to pick up the incoming and outgoing TCP requests.   I've tried numerous variations of the config, but none work.    All config appears to be correct.


Does this actually work?  The log files show a warning but that is all:


Any ideas?  We have spent a lot of money on agents, without any use as of yet.  Getting this working ASAP is important to our renewal of license next year.





^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez to remove log files. Please do not share or attach log files to community posts for security and privacy reasons. 



Hi @Neil.Hosey,


just wondering if you were ever able to get this working. We're running into similar issues right now and I haven't found much in the way of helpful information. 



We had the exact same problem.

We also saw that the tier never got a .NET icon when registering. Node reported 0% all the time and no transactions.


After a support call with Appd we learned there is a bug in agent for .NET core Linux, in version 4.5.13.

The resolution was to upgrade the agent to 4.5.18 and DELETE the TIER all together from the Controller and let it re-register.

After that everything works as expected.