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.Net MSI Installer Arguments


I'm working on an ansible playbook for agent deployment and I'm wondering if anyone knows if the agruments that can be passed to the msi installer are documented anywhere? I need to pass the installation and program data directory locations to win_package.






Optional Parameters:

AD_SetupFile: Pass the absolute file path to the setup configuration file.

INSTALLDIR: Specify the the directory to install the .NET Agent executables and supporting files.

DOTNETAGENTFOLDER: New in 4.1.3, specify the parent directory for local data including agent configuration files and log files.


For example:

msiexec /i dotNetAgentSetup64.msi /q /norestart /lv %TEMP%\AgentInstaller.log AD_SetupFile=C:\temp\SetupConfig.xml INSTALLDIR=D:\AppDynamics DOTNETAGENTFOLDER=D:\AppDynamicsData

New Poster

Hi Andrew,


Im working on a playbook to install .Net agent on a windows host.


Im getting the following error while trying to install .Net agent.


"changed": false,
"msg": "the file at the URL cannot be reached: The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed.",
"reboot_required": false


Provided below is the command I used to install


ansible windows -i hosts -m win_package -a "path='' product_id='AppD_.Net_Agent'"


Could you please help in this case if possible.



I would imagine that you're running into a situation with a 405 error that there is an authentication requirement that isn't being met on the remote server. To avoid this issue, I download and maintain a local repository of the agent files I distribute on my Ansible server. It also allows me to control the number of versions I have deployed to my environment at anyone time.


However, it looks like you'll want to utilize the username and password parameters (that give you access to the AppDynamics website) for win_package, as outlined in the Ansible module documentation.


Hopefully that helps.

Agreed and will incline towards the Local Repository way.


Thanks for your Response Andrew.