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App Server Agents are not responding




I have load balancing server where my apps are and i had installed the agents over both the server but some how the metrics i am getting is from one server only not from the other one, Can anyone help on this I had restarted Appdynamics.Agent.Coordinator services on both the server and after that restarted the IIS too but still my issue is not fixed.

I can see all the systems under Machine Agents under Unique Host ID but under App Server Agents only one Unique Host ID is there from where the metrics are getting generated.


AppDynamics Controller build

Machine Agent version :


amics Controller build
Shah, Indrajit Kumar

AppDynamics Team

We have requested for further details in a direct message to you. Please respond with the details and we will update you accordingly. 

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So for late reply,


The issue had been fixed after I update the agents in system.

Shah, Indrajit Kumar