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App Agent Not Reporting

Hi Team,   We've an application configured in PROD region recently. When i was about to check the health by today evening it was not reporting data for last 2 hrs. So i tried to check APp agent status in Tier and Node UI, it shows 0 % and i restarted...

.Net Agent configuration problem

I have installed .Net Agent in my machine and i kept some load in my IIs also but my application is not not connecting to AppDynamics. Could you please help me to configure my application to AppDynamics. Looking forward to hear back from you.

Windows Service Configuration

Hello all, I want to monitor two windows services, updated the config file which is shown as docs. When I restart the coordinator service and my windows services, I can see one of my service in Tiers&Nodes part of controller but I can not see my seco...

AppDynamics.Profiler failed to register.

I am facing the following error while installing .Net agent on windows 2008 r2 server "C:\Program Files\AppDynamics\AppDynamics .NET Agent\AppDynamics.Profiler_x86.dll failed to register." What might be the probable cause and how i am supposed to ove...