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Appdynamics is adding all those applications which is delete from AppPool with its own tire name.



Appdynamics is adding applications from IIS along with all those applictaion which are deleted from IIS.

I had one Application previously configured from .Net Agent Configuration with Automatic Tier Generation and Assignment, but now i am doing it Manually and had created it as required after deleteing all the tier automatically generated.


Is AppDynamics adding applications from IIS temp also??


I had troubleshoot manytimes.

Shah, Indrajit Kumar

Venu Babu.Thangallapelli
AppDynamics Team

Hi Indrajit,


It seems like you are referring to the Agent Configuration wizard tiers list. The Agent will get those tier names from the Controller and will display in the list. So, you can simply ignore those tiers in the wizard and complete all the steps. Once you complete the wizard, it updates the config.xml file with the only tiers that you selected to instrument. 


Once the above step is done and the once Agent started reporting the metrics to the configured tiers, you can logon to the Controller UI and delete unused tiers manually by right clicking on the tier name.