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App Server Agent not installed



I have installed .Net Agent and configured in my web server. I could see "App Server Agent not installed" message in Applications --> Tiers & Nodes --> Agents -->  App Server Agent.

Also i dont see Business transactions and Application Flow map from this web server.  I could see machine Agent under  Applications --> Tiers & Nodes --> Agents --> Machine Agent 


Please advise how to resolve this issue.


AppDynamics Team

Hello Vijay,



Looks like profiler is not yet hooked in and therefore app agent dlls have not been injected into process.

do a restart of agent coordinator service followed by an IISreset and apply enough load on these w3wp.exe(so that agents can hook in)

Check environment variables and dlls loaded via process explorer tool. 

If the agent still doesn't come up, then try the below approach and let us know the output. Download Microsoft's Process Explorer tool to perform the following steps and provide details - 

  • Then launch Process Explorer as an Administrator.
  • Then Go To View -> Lower Pane View -> DLLs.
  • Select a couple of the "w3wp" processes corresponding to your IIS applications which are configured to be instrumented by the .NET agent and it will load all the DLLs loaded in the process in the lower pane. Please provide this screenshot.
  • Then right-click on those "w3wp.exe" processes and select "Properties".
  • Go to the ".NET Assemblies" tab and provide us the screenshot.
  • Then, go to the "Environment" tab and provide us the screenshot.
  • Then follow the same steps for parent "svchost.exe" process of these w3wp.exe and provide the same set of screenshots for it too.
  • I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. 

Also, could you please check the values for the following environment variables at the system level environment variables.

COR_PROFILER = AppDynamics.AgentProfiler
InternalAppDynamicsAgent_ProfilerProcesses = w3wp