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profiler element child full-no-dependency-mode

Does anyone know what the full-no-dependency-mode element does in the config.xm. file for .NET?  This seemed to be "automatically" inserted into an existing config.xml.  It's a child of the profiler element under app-agents.  My app agent will not start and am wondering if this is having an affect.   No hits on Google searches for this particular configuration.



      <full-no-dependency-mode />






AppDynamics Team

Full-no-dependency-mode configuration changes the internal framework around how agent instruments the applications. This mode was introduced to workaround any code access security issues that some of the instrumented applications may encounter. 


If it's breaking for you, can you try the below workaround? 

  1. Edit the config.xml to add the following xml element within the <app-agents> element.
    • <profiler>
      <full-no-dependency-mode enabled="false" />
  2. Save the Config.xml file.
  3. Restart the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service.
  4. Restart the instrumented process (the application pool in this case).

If your application works fine with this configuration disabled then you can keep that as a workaround until the fix for this issue is released in GA version. There is no impact on visibility provided by agent when this mode is set to false.