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applying on prem license.lic file to a saas free trail

Hello all,


lately, I got an on-prem license on VM Mac Address.

I received the license mail but I got some problems to start.

1- the old controller license still reading the old SaaS free trial license and I couldn't change it. 

because I need to install the enterprise console and the controller with new on Prem license. 

2- the required environment is ubuntu and my VM MAC address is windows ,

3- on the platform install lab file I got info about using AWS with giving information on the file sent by the supportive Sales engineer but it doesn't work as root or even user.

so what do you recommend if you have advice for any of the above. 


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



1. It is not possible to apply an on-prem ".lic" license file to a SaaS controller. ".lic" license files only apply to on-prem controllers.


2. On-prem controllers are compatible with Linux or Windows environments, though AWS on-prem controllers specifically do require Linux on an EC2 instance. 

See docs for more information:


3. If you are already in contact with an AppDynamics Sales Engineer, I would recommend to continue working directly through your sales team as the best course of action. The SE should be able to assist with any technical issues, answer most of your questions, and get the correct resources (including support) involved if needed.

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