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Type of License Needed?


If the ask is to monitor the end to end business transaction and see the performance of the transaction, such as which step in the end to end process is taking more time, which step is failing etc.

- what type of license is needed? Is the agent license or the machine agent license?

- will one agent license be enough to monitor the entire business process steps and generate the performance dashboard?

- difference between different types of licenses?

- When do i need to have the JVM/CLR/Node based licenses? If i do not need to actually go into the application code or the database to understand which piece or code or the stored procedure is causing a performance issue and just want to monitor the process steps and see which step is taking more time, which step is failing where, can i do it with the agent licenses (one for each process) or need machine agents as well?





For your requirements, it looks like you will need APM license. Depending on the type application you will either need a Java or .Net license.

Java APM - If you have a java application running on tomcat, websphere, weblogic, jboss etc will need this, the license is based on JVM count, so number of licenses needed is equal to the number of JVMs you would like to monitor. 

You do get to use machine agent with java for some visibility into machine level metrics.


.Net APM - If you application is.Net running CLR (common language runtime) running on IIS or standalone, you will need this. This license is based on the number of servers/machines you would like to monitor. Each server/machine can have more than one CLR runnign but you will only need one unit of license.




Hi Gurmit,


Thanks for the reply and apologies! for a late acknowledgement. This is really helpful. However i would like to have more clarity on the transaction monitoring area. If that is to be done, will it be configured in such a way that for a particular tranasction to happen i need to see what applications are involved in that tranascation, then basis the technology of the apps, need to determine the JAVA/.NEt licenses? Or is there a separate license type which is independedent of the underlying apps/technology and has the capability to moinitor the entire transaction steps, ir-respective to how it flows as long as the transaction is configured in AppD as a process? 

Hi Tanmay,


license is dependent on the application you are monitoring, it does not limit you from the types of backends you can monitor for that particular application.

If the app you want to monitor (irrespective of whether it makes a http call, database call, etc) is written in java then you need a java license and agent, so on and so forth.




Thank you @gurmit.arora


Hi @tanmay.p.gupta


We would recommend referring to the following KB articles to learn more about Licensing:



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Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further queries.