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License count per application

With a SAAS controler, how can i get a clear report of how many licences are consumed by application ? I dont need the speed dials that tell me how many licenses are consumed total.


What i need is the license count per actual application that i have created in appDynamics. We need this to figure out what is the cost per application.


Any ideas ?


I am sorry @Simon.Parish you hare having a hard time with this. Neither @Ryan.Paredez nor myself are experts when it comes to this topic, but we are here to try and help as best as we can.

Have you see this doc which details how to create a client for API? We support OAuth standards...

As for the details, I assumed you were using Infra based, as the agent does not provide the same level of details you seem to be after. There is no way around what is available, other than to create an idea which we can advocate with the product team on your behalf for a future enhancement. With infra, you can Retrieve Usage by Application ID and Retrieve by Application Name.

Thanks for all your help on this.  I just thought with the graphs that show the usage, even with agent based, that this data would/should be available through the APIs.  Its a real shame that it isn't.

I have created a client for the API and it does work to get the information.  Like I say, its a bit useless in that it doesn't give the licenses used, just the total licenses assigned and no matter whether you pull the summary of licences, licenses by name, ID or Access key for the agent based, they all give you the exact same information.  It really seems that AppDynamics have not bothered with getting the API working to be able to pull all the data that is actually there

Do you know any other way to do it. I am trying to do it in 2023 and the provided link is not available anymore.
Does anyone has another alternatives to do this please?
Thank you