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In September, releases included the 22.9 versions of AppDynamics SaaS Controller, AppDynamics Cloud, and the Account Management Portal.


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What’s new in this month’s feature enhancements?

What’s new? The following release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month. Check out the table below to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each highlighted enhancement.

AppDynamics Cloud
Anomaly detection test mode   ✓   
Azure Disk and Azure LB support      
K8s custom event for OOM-killed pods      
Pre-defined health rules for K8s entities      
UI for filtering is enhanced

Cluster Agent  
Java Agent  
Machine Agent    
Private Synthetic Agent    
SaaS Controller
Dash Studio: Nested variables for tiers  
Synthetic API: GUI configuration
Root cause analysis includes service instances   ✓   

NOTE | Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portals
• AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes 
• AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes


AppDynamics Cloud Highlights

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes in our documentation portal.

Anomaly detection configuration

With the newly-released test mode in the Anomaly Detection API, you will be able to confirm that anomaly detection is working as expected before running it on services in production. In addition to enabling and disabling test mode, you will be able to use the API to observe test mode alerts.

Anomaly Detection in AppDynamics Cloud
(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)

Azure Disk and Azure LBs are now supported

Azure services are now expanded to include both Azure Disk and Azure Load Balancers.

NOTE | For your existing Azure Cloud Connections, you will need to edit the connection to enable Disk and/or Load Balancers.

See Azure Disk Storage.
(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)

K8s custom event for OOM-killed pods

This Kubernetes custom event is generated on the pod entity, so you can more easily correlate which pods were killed due to being out of memory—for an improved troubleshooting experience.
(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)

Pre-defined health rules for K8s entities

More new predefined health rules for Kubernetes entities reduce your time to value and improve MTTI. Detect and prevent issues by proactively monitoring resource usage, whether enough pods are running, and error count.
(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)

Root Cause Analysis now includes service instances

Root cause analysis (RCA) has been extended to include service instances, guiding you to the right data and therefore reducing troubleshooting time and MTTI.
(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)

UI for filtering is enhanced

Small changes to the filtering bar on both service and service instances pages contribute to greater ease of use when working with our query language. They are:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Queries are now directly displayed in the drop-down view 
  • Health status is now shown as an alias, rather than as a numerical value

(GA 22.9, Released September 23, 2022)


Agent Update Highlights

NOTE | See the full 22.9 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, sortable, and filterable list of Agent enhancements 

Cluster Agent

For AppDynamics Operator and Cluster Agent:

  • Images have been upgraded to Go language version 1.19. 
  • The Alpine docker image has been updated to 3.16.2

(GA v22.8 Released September 27, 2022)

Java Agent

Java Agent v.22.9 includes two new node properties: 

In addition, dynamic services JAR signing is now enabled by default. See Dynamic Services JAR signing
(GA v22.9 Released September 27, 2022)

Machine Agent

  • New option allows you to specify a custom JRE location for Machine Agent on Windows. Find out how to enable this feature here.
  • Timestamps are now automatically added to the Machine Agent’s log4j configuration.
  • See the Release Notes for a short listing of upgraded libraries.

(GA v22.9 Released September 27, 2022)

Private Synthetic Agent

By eliminating the need for an external database (Postgres), Private Synthetic Agent v22.9 has a reduced infrastructure requirement. See Install the Private Synthetic Agent (Web and API Monitoring).
(GA v22.9, Released September 3, 2022)


SaaS Enhancement Highlights

Dash Studio: nested variables for tiers

Customers with a large number of applications have already been able to utilize application variables for re-use from one application to another. This update allows you to create tier variables so users only see those designated tiers in an application (rather than all the tiers).
(GA v22.9 Released September 27, 2022)

Synthetic API: GUI configuration

Now, you can create a Synthetic API monitoring job through a simple, user-friendly UI. No development skills are needed. Debugging and fixing are also much easier. 
(GA v22.9 Released September 12, 2022

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What else should you know?

New self-paced Premium University courses are available

In September, the AppDynamics University team released new self-paced courses for Premium University subscribers. Read the details here,


Updates to the University Group here in Community

Introducing AppDynamics University’s own blog, University Updates, located in the AppDynamics University Group. There, you’ll find announcements about new learning products from teacher-led to self-paced courses—as well as accreditation and learning plans. The Instructor edition of the Community Member Spotlight series has moved here too.  

The University Group area has a new landing page banner you can use to find your way around the site faster. It includes links to the new University Updates blog, as well as the Ask a Question and Articles & FAQs areas. 

TIP | As always with any Community content, you can subscribe to receive notifications by area, topic, or individual post.

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Resolved issues

Now, you can sort the complete Release Notes in AppDynamics documentation by any heading, including product, severity, version information, and release date. They are updated on an ongoing basis.

The following key issue was resolved this month. 

ANALYTICS 14514 - Make Funnel Watch Visibility version-dependent.

LIC 3050 - Licensing producing negative maxDailyDocuments for Event Service.


PLEASE NOTE | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


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