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Revised 12/8/2022

In November, releases include the 22.11 versions of AppDynamics SaaS Controller, AppDynamics Cloud, and the Account Management Portal.


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What’s new in this month’s feature enhancements?

What’s new? The following release highlights include the newest features and capabilities for October 2022. Check out the table below to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each highlighted enhancement.

AppDynamics Cloud
Log parsing validation  
Monitor Kafka and Redis using Prometheus-based exporters  
Support Azure SQL and PostgresQL    
Support for OpenShift clusters    
.NET Agent  
SaaS Controller
Dash Studio enhancements
Account Administration
Tenant roles for service principals  

NOTE | Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portal pages:
AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes
AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes
AppDynamics Accounts Portal Release Notes


AppDynamics Cloud Highlights

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes in our documentation portal.

Log parsing validation

Quickly and easily onboard logs by testing and previewing how parsing rules work before enabling them. See Create Parsing Patterns in our documentation portal. (GA v22.11, Released November 17, 2022)

Monitor Kafka and Redis using Prometheus-based exporters

Monitor Kafka and Redis workloads within AppDynamics Cloud by leveraging the Prometheus-based exporters.

No need to re-instrument those Redis and Kafka workloads that already use exporter-omitting metrics, and you will benefit from AppDynamics features including health rules, baselining and a year of data retention.
(GA v22.10, Released November 17, 2022)

Support Azure SQL and PostgresQL Collect and correlate Azure SQL and PostgresQL metrics.
(GA v22.10, Released November 17, 2022)
Support for OpenShift clusters
You can now monitor your managed or self-hosted OpenShift clusters running on AWS or Azure infrastructure. (GA v22.11, Released November 17, 2022)



Agent Update Highlights

NOTE | See the full 22.11 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements

.NET Agent

This release includes support for .NET 7. See .NET Supported Environments. (GA v22.11, Released November 3, 2022)



SaaS Controller Enhancement Highlights

Dash Studio Enhancements

This release extends nesting coverage, allowing you to configure Dashboard variables and use them for widget data binding. A given widget can be configured to show nodes and BTs specific to the selected application and tier. (GA v22.11 Released October 24, 2022)



Account Management Enhancement Highlights

Tenant roles for service principals

Now, roles can be associated with service principals. So, an individual service principal will only be able to access APIs associated with their assigned role. (GA v22.10 Released November 1, 2022)

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What else should you know?

Updates to the University Group here in Community

In case you missed it, AppDynamics University recently launched a blog within their group (located under Groups in the top navigation here). Called University Updates, go there to follow the news about new course offerings, series like the Instructor Spotlight, and more. See details about this launch and learn what content has moved in this post.


How does this affect my subscription to University content?

Of note to long-time readers and subscribers of these posts, the previously published University product posts and Instructor Spotlight Interview series are now located in University Updates.

If you were previously subscribed to receive notifications of these topics, you will want to head over to University Updates to re-subscribe:

In University Updates, click the label you want from the right rail, then click “Subscribe” from the banner. Or you can Navigate to the individual content, click the 3-dot option menu, and select “Subscribe”.


Changes on the AppDynamics Documentation Portal

The AppDynamics’ Documentation Portal has a new and simplified structure, organized by product line. Now you can hone in on documentation for one of our products, such as the AppDynamics APM platform and AppDynamics Cloud, and access the pages most relevant to you.

Stay tuned as the site continues to evolve.

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Share your feedback! Participate in a Beta program

We’re currently running the following Beta program and looking for your feedback:

  • NEW.NET Framework for Cisco Secure App: Now available with v22.11, customers with .NET Frameworks will start seeing vulnerabilities associated with their .NET assemblies in Cisco Secure Application. Supported .NET Framework versions are 3.5 SP1, 4.6.2, 4.7.x, and 4.8.

See an issue? Please reach out to Support to let us know.

See Saas Controller Enhancements: .NET Framework for Cisco Secure App in the Documentation portal. And stay tuned for an FAQ for this enhancement, coming soon.

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Resolved issues

Now, you can sort the complete SaaS Release Notes in AppDynamics documentation by any heading, including product, severity, version information, and release date. They are updated on an ongoing basis.

See the complete listing of Resolved Issues here.


ADVISORY | Please check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation as part of your upgrade planning process


Download Essential Components (Agents, Enterprise Console, Controller (on-prem), Events Service, EUM Components)

Download Additional Components (SDKs, Plugins, etc.)

How do I get started upgrading my AppDynamics components for any release?

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License Entitlements and Restrictions

Introducing AppDynamics Cloud


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Today's revision includes information about our ongoing Beta for  .NET Frameworks with Cisco Secure Application, now available.
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