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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Keep up with the latest AppDynamics University news in University Updates

Announcing University Updates, where you can find the latest AppDynamics University reports. Check it out and follow what the University team is saying about:

  • New course offerings
  • Instructor Interviews
  • Certified exam recipient shout-outs
  • And more


Where is the AppD University news I used to find here?

We’ve moved most past published News & Announcements posts labeled ‘AppD University’ to University Updates.


You can access University Updates from the top Community navigation: Groups > AppD University. You can also access Articles & FAQs (the University knowledge base), and Ask a Question (the University Q&A forum) there.


Community subscriptions to University topics

If you had previously subscribed to receive notifications of new AppD University content, you’ll want to head over to University Updates and re-subscribe. You’ll find a more granular set of labels for your notifications.

They are:   

TIP | As always on this platform, you can also get to a topic-filtered page by clicking within the Label box on the right rail

How do I re-subscribe?

Once you’ve scoped to the Label you want to follow, click Subscribe on the banner, top left. 

Check out University Updates here