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In June, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller v22.6.0 was released with key product enhancements, as well as a number of agent enhancements.

AppDynamics Cloud, our new purpose-built, cloud-native monitoring product was released on June 28, 2022.

The AppDynamics Accounts portal now includes the ability to use single sign-on access for all account management activities without the need to re-enter passwords.


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What release highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month, at a glance. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who within your organization may be most interested or impacted for each enhancement. 

USER and
AppDynamics Cloud
Cluster Agent
Database Agent

Flutter Agent      
Java Agent  
Javascript Agent  
Machine Agent    
.NET Agent

Private Synthetic Agent  
Experience Journey Map
Account Management


Full-Stack Observability

AppDynamics Cloud

AppDynamics Cloud is our brand new, purpose-built, cloud-native monitoring product. It provides full-stack observability for large, managed Kubernetes deployments on public clouds, with support for account and user onboarding, cloud onboarding, infrastructure onboarding, and installation of OpenTelemetry-compatible agents to instrument your microservices. 

Providing observability across all of your domains without requiring you to switch from tab to tab, ApDynamics Cloud delivers a cohesive at-a-glance health analysis across your entire cloud native stack.

See the release notes describing enhancements and new features for this release of AppDynamics Cloud, and the AppDynamics Cloud launches at Cisco Live announcement for an overview of its impact to the technology community. (GA v22.6 Released June 28, 2022)


Agent Updates

Cluster Agent

You can now deploy more than 100 pods during instrumentation using the instrumentationMaxPollingAttempts argument. Please refer to the Configure the Cluster Agent documentation for more details. 

Additionally, the Cluster Agent and Operator images have been upgraded to version 1.17.11. (GA v22.6 Released June 21, 2022)


Database Agent

CPU core counts in the RDS instances are now supported when hardware monitoring is enabled, which applies to MySQL and Postgres databases. Please see Configure the Database Agent to Monitor Server Hardware.
(v22.6.0 Released June 13, 2022)


Flutter Agent

This release includes a bug fix regarding running the plugin on iOS 12.4 simulators. (v22.6.0 Released June 7, 2022)


Java Agent

JavaAgent v22.6 includes support for AWS SQS SDK for JAVA 2.x. See Amazon Simple Queue Service Backends

It also includes the option to configure the transaction stall threshold. See the min-transaction-stall-threshold-in-seconds node property. (v22.6.0 Released June 28, 2022)


JavaScript Agent

There have been updates in the way Visually Complete Time (VCT) and Page Complete Time (PCT) metrics are calculated through SVGUseElement. Additionally, there is a new API function call for creating custom names for pre-existing SPA2 virtual pages. See Set Custom Virtual Page Names for more details on that. (v22.6.0 Released June 15, 2022)


Machine Agent

In release 22.6.0:

  • Machine Agent 22.6.0 is tested and confirmed to be supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 and Windows 2012. See Tested Platforms.
  • The dropwizard-jetty library has been upgraded to 2.0.22 2.0.29

PLEASE NOTE | AppDynamics recommends using Machine Agent 22.2.0 for AIX OS


.NET Agent

This .NET Agent release includes integration of the OpenTelemetry SDK: See Enable OpenTelemetry in the .NET Agent, enabling the enable_tls12 configuration for the .NET Machine Agent, and other fixes and adjustments. See the Release Notes for details. (v22.6.0 Released June 30, 2022)


Private Synthetic Agent

This release includes new proxy server configurations for the Agent and Heimdall. See Configure Web Monitoring PSA and API Monitoring PSA. (v22.6.0 Released June 28, 2022)


SaaS Controller

Experience Journey Map

The 22.6 Controller release includes new custom labels being available which can be used to rename end-user events in user journeys. Additionally, Mobile Sessions are no longer created from connection transitions or network request end-user events. (v22.6.0 Released June 23, 2022)


Account Management

The Accounts Management portal now allows users to use single sign-on for all activities, enabling all AppDynamics IdP-managed users to access all authorized AppDynamics products and services from any entry point and navigate to any other service or Controller Tenant without entering their password again. This enhancement includes a slight change to the sign-in screen

For more information please see Configure Single Sign-on through SAML. (v22.6.0 Released June 1, 2022)

NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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What else you should know 

Did you notice the new Community look?

Your Community Team is thrilled to unveil the site redesign we’ve been working on. We hope you find the modernized new style more usable. And this is just the beginning, with substantive additional enhancements planned, ongoing. 

How is it working for you? What else would you like to see?
Please let us know what you think!

The current changes include new announcement tiles that link to current topics on the Community’s homepage. There are also updates to the Discussion Forums, as well as reorganized settings (Community Profile, Notifications, and Private Messages). You can find details in this short post: What do you think of our new AppDynamics Community look?


AppDynamics University streamlined Learning Plans

Throughout the month, University has been streamlining some learning plans included in the Learning Recognition Program, so customers will have a more straightforward path to gain recognition for their learning. 

See the full details of what has changed in the Changes to our Learning Plans post here in Community. Also see all the most recent University posts in News and Announcements.


Enhancements to University subscription voucher self-service tools

The University team has been diligently building additional self-service tools for customers to manage your University subscriptions. Learn about the latest enhancements and what’s to come in our Community post.

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Resolved and known issues

The following key issues were resolved this month. You can see a complete listing of this month’s Agent and Controller Resolved Issues, as well as additional detail around known issues in the Release Notes

Database Monitoring | In the Databases, Events view doesn't show expected results (DBMON-8621)

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