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We did not have a Controller or Enterprise Console release in July. However, the month included several key product enhancements and agent updates. We also resolved a series of issues associated with the previous release.

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What highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month, at a glance. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who within your organization may be most interested or impacted for each enhancement. 


User and Performance Analyst
Admin and Implementer
Fullstack Observability
ThousandEyes integration in Dash Studio

Agent Updates

Analytics Agent

Apache Web Server Agent

C/C++ SDK Agent

Cluster Agent

JavaScript Agent

.NET Agent

Synthetic Hosted Agent

System Administration Updates
New SaaS locations
Updated user creations and password policies


Full-Stack Observability

  • AppDynamics Dash Studio now features enhanced integration with ThousandEyes Intelligence, which specifically allows you to:


Agent Updates

  • Analytics Agent 21.7.0 (Released July 26, 2021) now includes the following:
    • Authentication to pipeline resources

    • Libjpeg upgrades

    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) upgrade to version 1.8.0_292

  • The latest version of the Apache Web Server Agent allows you to configure the cleanup timer AppDynamicsRequestCacheCleanupInterval. Use this configuration for Java proxy to clean up the request cache (Released July 14, 2021).

  • C/C++ SDK 21.7.4 (Released July 28, 2021) includes upgrades to Data Filters and input strings.

  • The Cluster Agent 21.7.0 (Released July 28, 2021) has been updated with the following enhancements:
    • Infrastructure Visibility properties for enableServerViz, enableContainerHostId and enableDockerViz variables have changed to boolean to provide consistent variable datatypes. See configuration settings.
    • Ability to add labels to the Cluster Agent pod using labels in the Cluster Agent Configuration file.
    • The CustomResourceDefinitions API for the Cluster Agent operator is updated for Kubernetes 1.16 and later to support monitoring Kubernetes v1.22 and later.

  •  JavaScript Agent  21.7.0 can help improve security policies with support for the Nonce attribute. It also includes support for Angular 10-11 SPA architecture. (Released July 21, 2021).

  • The .NET Agent for Linux (Released July 29, 2021) now supports the following:
    • Agentless Analytics
    • Attributes (annotations) used to define POCO
    • Custom correlation
    • Custom error detection
    • HTTP Data Collectors
    • All HTTP backend custom detection/naming configuration options
    • Method Invocation Data Collectors (MIDC)
    • Service Endpoint configuration

  • The Synthetic Hosted Agent 21.7.0 now includes support for Chrome version 86 in Azure locations. (Released July 13, 2021)


System Admin Updates

  • In our continued efforts to expand our global SaaS presence, we are excited to announce the addition of new SaaS locations in Hong Kong, São Paulo, and Cape Town. For more details, check out our Global SaaS Location FAQ. (Released July 30, 2021)

  • We released an enhancement that improves how administrators create users, and also updates our password policies. These changes are meant to improve security while laying the groundwork for new capabilities that will be rolled out in the near future. Check out the Changes to User Creation and Password Policy FAQ for details.  (Staged release started February 22, 2021)

    To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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Heads up - What else you should know 

  • Check out the Kudos to you, April - June '21 post! In this series, we celebrate member participation in the Community with recaps of the most recent new content, accepted solutions, and the kind of engagement that enhances the Community. (July 1, 2021)

  • AppDynamics' technical certification recipients can now access official digital badges. Newly launched, each badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to the individual and the specific certification. Shared at-will on resumes, social media, email, and more, this credential grants viewers immediate access to validated information, including its issuance by Cisco and AppDynamics. For more information, see Introducing our new AppDynamics technical certification badges in the AppD University Group Hub. (June 17, 2021)

  • Check out the usability updates on our Zendesk form, used to open Support Engineering tickets. Geared toward your ease of use, the form flows in a more usable and intuitive sequence. See AppDynamics Support is simplifying ticket filing requirements for details. (May 3, 2021)

  • We invite you to our Share a tip space, where the AppD community can exchange peer-to-peer advice. Find those small adjustments that make a big difference, and add your own insights too.

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Share your feedback! Participate in a Beta today

We’re currently running the following Beta program and looking for your feedback:

  • Submit feedback on the Dash Studio through the in-product feedback button, or in Community here.

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Resolved Issues

The following key issue was resolved this month. To see a complete listing of this month's resolved issues, see Resolved Issues by Month.

  • Disable endpoint to test grok regular expressions (ANALYTICS-13649)

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