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Feature Enhancements

Heads Up - What Else You Should Know

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In April, we released the v4.5.9 Controller and Enterprise Console. Below are key enhancements, recent Agent updates, and resolved issues associated with this release.
Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation.


What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights are the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by feature enhancement.




User and Performance


Admin and Implementer


Serverless APM for AWS Lambda

End-to-end business transaction visibility through Java microservices deployed in the AWS Lambda env...

Database Monitoring

Couchbase: Bucket Visibility


 Blocking Sessions



(Business iQ)

Role-based Access Control for Business Journeys and Experience Level Management




Application Performance

Java support enhancements


Serverless APM for AWS Lambda: Limited Availability

We’re bringing the power of the AppDynamics end-to-end Business Transaction context to microservices deployed in the Amazon serverless environment.  We have released a new special purpose “Serverless Compute” APM family, the first iteration of which is delivered in the form of a tracer library, focused on supporting AWS Lambda functions implemented in Java. Read more about the limited availability and how to get started.


Couchbase: Bucket Visibility

Couchbase is a multi-model database, offering document oriented and distributed key value features. AppDynamics Database Visibility 4.5.0 focused on support for document oriented use-cases; this new feature gives full visibility into both models, with deep-dive drill down into bucket level metrics and other KPI’s required to monitor and manage a distributed key value store. Read documentation for details.


Blocking Sessions

AppDynamics Database Visibility has been updated to offer enhanced visibility of locking and blocking in supported relational database environments. Enhancements include the ability to view and analyze more locking events, show increased details of the lock type and locked object, and show the query text of the blocking session (when available). Read documentation for details.


Role-based Access Control for Business Journeys and Experience Level Management

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is now available for Business Journeys and Experience Level Management (XLM). This new capability will allow customers to manage who has access and manage what data they have access to for Business Journeys and XLM. RBAC strengthens data security and safeguards against data leakage. Read documentation for details.


Java support enhancements

Java agent v4.5.9 adds support for transaction detection and correlation for applications built on the latest, 3.6, release of the Vert.x framework.  It also provides detection and correlation for HTTP Business Transactions implemented using the latest, 4.1, version of the popular Mule enterprise service bus, extending end to end transaction visibility to applications using these frameworks. 


Heads Up - What Else You Should Know

  • There is a new versioning scheme for Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM). The new Agent versioning will reflect the release of features and high priority bug fixes at an increased pace; this means faster access to relevant Agent updates for customers. Since the Agent versioning is not in direct sequence with the Controller, customers should check the Mobile Agent Version and Deployment Support Matrix before upgrades.
  • Documentation is now available in Japanese language for AppDynamics Essentials, Application Monitoring, and Platform. Navigate to docs then switch language preference in the footer (located in the lower left hand side of your screen) to Japanese.
    Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 4.20.42 PM.png


See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today

We’re currently running a BETA program and we’re looking for new participants:

  • [update] Network Visibility for Java Applications on Windows is no longer running a beta program. 

Resolved Issues

The issues below were resolved for improved customer experience. A complete list of resolved issues is available in Documentation Release Notes


App iQ Platform 

  • Health rule affected entities created using Flex may not be displayed in an HTML screen (ALERT-2760)
  • Actions get triggered even though action suppression period is on (ALERT-3103)
  • NullPointerException occurs and health rules continue to be evaluated even after the cron schedule for the health rule ends (ALERT-3109)
  • Selected color is not displayed consistently by stacked column on account (UIPLATF-6049)
  • .NET node memory HTML screen displays incorrect data unlike the old flex screen (UIPLATF-5898)

Language Agent

  • Not able to edit Thread Dump Collection Interval (APMPLAT-9652)
  • Setting PHP MVC custom match rules in the Controller UI results in exceptions when the backend creates the rule for the agent AND custom STRUTS rule (Java) to use (APMPLAT-10115)
  • Unable to persist segment number for Custom Service Endpoint with payload splitting (APMPLAT-11018)
  • Exception occurs while creating or editing a PHP MVC custom match rule in Java (APMPLAT-11026)

 Java Agent

  • ClassFormatError – if any class implementing interface extending serializable, runnable gets instrumented (JAVA-5181)
  • ASM unable to visit class constructor for classes compiled pre-jdk 1.5 after upgrading to agent 4.5.5 (JAVA-5190)
  • Dynamic service fails to start with manifest errors on Java/JRE 11 (JAVA-5218)


End User Monitoring- Browser Real User Monitoring

  • Fetch Monitoring conflicts with Zone.js (BRUM-4744)

Get Started

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