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Knowledge Base

Mobile Agent : Beacon - Some FAQs

Q1. If the mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, does the agent delete older data?
Ans : Yes.


Q2. If the mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, how long the agent have older data?Or how much older data size can the agent has? If there is any limitation, please tell me those limitations.
Ans: The beacons are "persisted" on device storage, and will be retained as long as the app is installed on the device.
The agent will currently store 200 beacons (data for one "event") on the device if it cannot sent them out.
Older ones are dropped and newer ones are retained.


Q3. The following is questions in the case that If the mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, the agent has a lot of data in memory. If the mobile app (device) changes to online, how does the agent send older data to the eum processor (EUM Cloud)?
Ans: The beacons are "batched" and then gzipped and then sent.


Q4. Does the agent send older data at once?
Ans: All data, old and new, are sent in the "batch" on every attempt.


Q5. Older data is subdivided and the agent sends those in several times?
Ans: No, we just keep rebatching on every attempt.


Q6. Ifthe mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, how much data size does the agent send?
Ans: Each beacon is roughly 400 bytes, and can be longer depending on the URLs used.
They are ASCII JSON so they compress amazingly well.


Q7. How often does the agent send?
Ans: The agent will attempt to send all known beacons whenever there is network activity or after about 5 minutes has expired since the last failed attempt.

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