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Instrumenting Solr 6.5.x with AppDynamics Agent

To configure Apache Solr version 6.5.x with AppDynamics Agent (preferably version 4.2.x or higher), use the following steps:


  1. Navigate to /<solr-home>/bin/ on the Controller machine.
  2. Add the following snippet to the file in order to add the Java Agent.
    • SOLR_OPTS="$SOLR_OPTS -javaagent:<app_agent_install>/ver4.2.10.0/javaagent.jar"
    • Example:
    • SOLR_OPTS="$SOLR_OPTS -Dappdynamics.agent.applicationName=Solr -Dappdynamics.agent.tierName=SolrTier -Dappdynamics.agent.nodeName-javaagent:/Users/XXX/Documents/Agent/AppServerAgent-"
  3. Restart Solr.
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