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How to write to a header on read only JMS Payload objects

To establish the correlation between tiers or applications, AppDynamics generates a "singularity header" which is passed to a downstream node.


In some cases, the JMS payload is not allowed to write any data to the JMS message, correlation behavior is impacted, and the following error message appears in logs.


17 Jul 2017 12:49:03,065 ERROR ReadonlyRewriting_JMSMessageReflector - MessageNotWriteableException caught while setting transaction header. To attempt modification of the read-only JMS message, add the object's package (org.apache.activemq.ra) to the jms-packages-allowed-for-rewriting node property. 


To resolve this issue, create a node property jms-packages-allowed-for-rewriting and change the JMS package name to the value of this property. This will ensure that JMS allows writing to the singularity header on JMS payload objects.




Property Name : jms-packages-allowed-for-rewriting
Type: String
Value :org.apache.activemq.ra





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