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AppDynamics Team


To apply a license file to a multi-tenant controller, copy the license file to the controller home directory for the same user who has installed the controller. 


Check the expiration date from license.lic or in readable format using





Log in to http://controller:port/controller/admin.jsp as the root user.


Select the relevant account and update the expiration date and license units per the license.lic file.




Finally, logout from the controller and login to http://controller:port/controller/ as the admin user. Check the license screen to see whether the changes have been reflected successfully.

The first part of these instructions are nearly useless. Can you specify where exactly the license file should be dropped? What's the file path? Why do I have to log into the machine to update a license in the first place?
AppDynamics Team

Hello Jonathan, 


These steps are for multi-tenant env where admin has to distribute license units through admin.jsp page after dropping the license.lic file at controller installed directory /controller/. 


You just need to drop license.lic file at /controller/ location and controller will read this file automatically. 

Ref  for more details. 





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