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How does a user determine the number of business transaction (BT) events that are published to the Analytics or Events Service Server by each application?


Some users may see the following events limit message in the Analytic Agent logs and need to determine the total number of events being published.

For action [EVENT_UPSERT], you have reached the events limit of [22500000]  for account [XYZXYZXYZXYZXYZ] and event type group [biz_txn_v.*|custom_.*]



One business transaction can traverse many tiers. In each tier, one business transaction can traverse one node. One node produces one event for each BT when the transaction is synchronous. For async transactions, multiple events may be generated by a node for a single request.


To calculate how many events a BT generates, use the following formula to estimate the number of tiers/nodes that are sending data to the Analytics Agent.


number of events for one business transaction = calls per minute multiplied by number of tiers



Use the following ADQL query for each application, and add the results to find the total number of BT events published across the applications to the Events Service or Analytics Server.


SELECT transactionName, distinctcount(segments.tier) AS 'Tiers', count(*) as 'Transactions', distinctcount(segments.tier) * count(*) AS 'Events' FROM transactions WHERE application = "ECommerce" LIMIT 100





Note: On the above query, there is a limit of 100 results as its an aggregate function. Users with many BTs may hit the limit. 


As an alternative, use the following query for the BT Transaction Analytics License consumption:


SELECT count(segments.node) FROM transactions
SELECT count(*) FROM transactions



Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.59.52 PM.png




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